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Eco Tint And Shade provides professional and affordable commercial window tinting for office buildings, hotels, storefronts, schools and more, throughout San Diego County. We offer a wide variety of quality window films from top brands such as LLumar, Vista, Suntek and Hanita.

Save Energy $$$’s! Does Your Building Qualify for the $1.35 per Sq. Ft. Energy Rebate?

That’s right! If you choose a window film with a solar heat gain co-efficient of .39 or less for your commercial property, you may qualify for an SDG&E rebate. What better time to upgrade your building’s current window with Eco Tint and Shade’s retrofit high-performance window films. We offer a free energy analysis that will show your estimated savings and return on investment with most installations earning a quick payback between one and three years. The energy analysis will help determine if you qualify for the no money out-of-pocket incentives.

This free analysis has gone on to produce big savings for organizations around San Diego, such as Camp Pendleton, Chase Bank, and the San Diego Police Department.

It comes as no surprise that commercial window film can reduce your facilities energy and cost savings. But did you know that it can help reduce sick days and absenteeism by boosting energy and productivity levels? Studies have shown that exposure to the right kind of daylighting – which window film provides – makes a difference for employees. Window film still lets sufficient daylight enter the interior to reduce the need for artificial lighting, allowing occupants to see outdoors and receive exposure to daylight while indoors.

Commercial window film can give a dramatic facelift to older buildings. You can create a more updated, and most importantly, more uniform appearance to buildings that are starting to show their age! Just like a facelift, window film can made your building look years younger!

Window film for commercial buildings is one of the most cost-efficient methods for controlling heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. You can realize reduced cost in your energy bills and maintenance on the HVAC system. Aside from the obvious reasons in the use of solar films, it also helps eliminate the problem of uneven heat distribution which most buildings experience. It helps maintain an even, comfortable balance year-round. Our Vista window film is a smart alternative to window replacement. One of the leaders in window film, Vista offers high performance solutions for all types of glazing systems, clear, tinted, low-e or coated glass.

Did you know that California is the first in the nation to add window film to their building code?

Vista Window FilmLet Eco Tint and Shade show you why Vista window film is the choice of building owners, architects, and facility managers throughout North America. Some of the country’s most prominent homes and commercial buildings have been enhanced with Vista window film. Vista offers case studies for a multiple of applications

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