Mirrored Window Film

Mirrored Window Film

Reflective or mirrored window film is used primarily in commercial applications because it provides excellent one way visibility and is a simple alternative to designer privacy film. The films high reflectivity ensures daytime privacy when it is substantially brighter outside than it is on the inside. At night, this effect reverses. When interior lights are turned on at night, persons on the outside will be able to see in. This is due to the laws of physics and no window film can overcome this. Because window films are transparent, any interior light which is turned on will be visible at night.
You may elect to install the mirrored window film for daytime privacy and then consider shades or blinds for privacy at night. In addition, because privacy films reduce the transmission of visible light, it may be difficult for persons on the inside to see out at night. It is similar to wearing sunglasses and driving a car after sunset!Did you know that California is the first in the nation to add window film to their building code?

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